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“We had a great time fishing with Fishing Charters Bali crews, although we had unusually rough waters during our trip. I was hoping to get into giant trevally, but I will take a decent sized wahoo any day.”

Chad Harris - Cedar Park, TX, USA

“We still enjoyed the trip. You cant strike fish each trip. Thank you! Best regards, Magnus Cato Andersen”

Magnus Andersen - Norwegia

“Hi guys, thanks for a great day on Monday the fish was lovely.”

Chris Parker - Victoria, Australia

“\'We had a great day on the boat. Even though we had a bit of a downpour for an hour or so the crew were really cool. Beers flowed and great memories were had\'. Dan, Hong Kong.”

Dan Clarke - UK, lives in Hongkong

“I live in Bali, and my mates came here for a holiday. 5 of us went fishing for 8 hours. The boat is in excellent condition, it is very spacious and comfortable, and the crew are great. The fishing equipment is all new, and the staff were very good on training us how to do trolling and jigging. It was a great day out and I'm planning to put another team of mates together in a few weeks and do it all again.”

Simon Dunn - Sydney, NSW, Australia

“A mate and I wanted to go fishing in Bali, and these guys came highly recommended. The guys are very friendly and knowledgable with a various range of fishing techniques. They use good gear, the boat is quite comfortable, and easy to fish out of. If you love beer and fishing it's hard to overlook these guys. It's a good day out on the water with some nice views of the islands, and there is some very good fish to be caught.”

Ben Thomas - Portland, Australia

“I will 100% be coming back to Bali and the fishing experience I had and my friend Cavin had. Was everything we asked for. The guys who took us out were fantastic. The boat was amazing, everything was and we will be using you again. I can't wait to bring other people to experience it. All kinds of love and thanks-Laurie Gaudet”

Laurie Gaudet - Fort Mcmurray, Canada

“It was fantastic day and the FishingChartersBali's guys did there best to find a couple of fish. ”

Andrew Doidge - Australia

“Thanks for the trip last Wednesday \"Bali Fishing Charter crews\", the whole family enjoyed it. ”

Diego Cusi - Northville, United States

“Good day, thank you for Bali Fishing Charter crews, it was wonderful! We also caught a shark! Wow!! It was exciting! Everything was great. ”

Nata Khorkova - Mockba, Rusia

“Thank you so much Fishing Charters Bali crews! We had a great time. Terrific day. I gave the big fish to the cook. He prepared a Balinese style feast with the other. Soup, grilled and fried. Very good.”

Jacob Miller - Condon, United States

“Thanks very much Fishing Charters Bali crew for your kind and helpful communication throughout organising this trip! You made everything very easy and stress free! Even though we didn\'t get the big fish, we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also the snorkelling. How lucky we were to get out yesterday, and today raining! I wish you all the best for your future, and would love to come back to Bali and go fishing again! Maybe October time one year and chase that big fish.”

Kim Campion - Rakaia, New Zealand

“Had amazing fishing trip off the coast of Kuta in Bali today with Fishing Charters Bali, we got to catch Tuna, bottom fish, and snorkel with manta rays. #balifishing #fishingbali”

Courtney Brown - Vancouver, WA United States

“Thanks guys we had a lot of fun. Very good to meet you all Fishing Charters Bali team.”

Pat Quint - FL, United States

“Bali Fishing Charter\'s Captain was very cheery guy. The first mate was very helpful. Caught our dinner for night we we\'re happy! Brought us lunch we\'re greatfull for good overall experience.”

Jason Keppler - USA

“All good & thank you for wonderful time Bali fishing charters crews.”

Zak Kussumah - Jakarta, Indonesia

“The trip was good, considering our main goal was to catch big good fish, we were a little bit disappointed. But we understand that, I am experienced fisherman and know it depends on day and fish\'s mood :). Regarding beverages everything was very good. The crew was very good either. Thank you very much for your effort Fishing Charters Bali crews.”

Peeter Gross - Estonia

“Thanks for the pictures and the day Fishing Charters Bali crew!”

Martin Leiler - Singapore

“Even though we didn\'t catch a big one, we loved the trip, it was great! We caught some little fish so at least we caught something! HAHA”

Dale Bolan - Rosebery, New South Wales, AUS

“Thank you Fishing Charters Bali crew for this morning .. sorry me and the other girl were so sick. We had amazing time and the boys were very happy to have caught x”

Heidi McNaughton - United Kingdom

“Thanks for the note. The day started off well. We hooked into a big one whilst trawling however, it made a big dash and bush the line! The one that got away! Never mind, that\'s why it\'s called \"fishing\" not \"catching\". The fishing charters Bali crew were great so thank them for making it a great day - Nick”

Nick Mair - Swanbourne, Western Australia

“We had such a great time with Bali fishing charter crew! My husband was so seasick so we had to cut the trip short. We both really appreciate your hospitality. Thank you!”

Julia Hela - San Jose, CA United States

“We were very happy with the trip and the Bali fishing charter crew. Thank you very much for organising everything so well! I appreciate that you look after your customers this well! we completely understand that there is no guarantee. We had a lot of fun :) thoughs”

Frorence Schmidli - Villmergen, Switzerland

“We had lots of fun and appreciate your fishing charters Bali crew.”

Ghafarian Eby - NC, United States

“We would have liked more fishes but it\'s not your fault, thank you Fishing Charters Bali, it was still a good day.”

Marcus Bructer - France

“First of our fishing trip and we caught 7 fish by jigging and trolling and on the way back we saw dolphins. Great crew and the boat was great. Overall we were happy with the Bali Fishing Charter trip.”

Fery Budhi - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Very good snorkelling trip in Bali. Thank you.. in the morning sea was so so (waves) but then Perfect. Thank you again we even have landed beautiful fish!”

Marteen & Klara Spilkova - Czech Republic

“We all had an amazing day sea little rough this morning and we feared the worse but we caught loads of fish ... Caught a Mahi-mahi which is a fish I have wanted to catch for long time. Fishing Charters Bali crew were very good and helpful. We were very lucky caught 9 Tuna, 1 Mahi-mahi, 1 Shark, 1 big Grouper, 5 smaller red grouper. ”

Stephem Bennett - Stafford - United Kingdom

“Thanks for a good day Bali Fishing Charter & big Mahi-mahi (Dorado fish)!”

Kyle Green - Peru lives in Copacabana, NSW-AUS

“Thank you for an awesome day today Bali Fishing Charters. I will book again when come back.”

Gretchen Yeo - Elizabeth Park, South Australia

“Thanks for the day. Was a good day away from the women. Your Fishing Charters Bali crew on boat where great guys. 100% review for good day out fishing in Bali.”

Bradley Knickel - DYSART-Queensland, Australia

“Thanks, we enjoyed the fishing trip in Bali with you guys. ”

Lawrence Ho - Singapore

“Terima kasih Bu, kami semua sekelurga senang mancing bareng kru Ibu. Thanks very much, all of the family members were happy on board with Fishing Charters Bali crew.”

Cokro Gozali - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thanks you heaps, we really enjoyed today. We didn\'t snorkel because our friend very sick. But thank you again so much, next time I will come again.”

Simon Mangan (Aby) - Australia

“Overall it was great day out with Fishing Charters Bali crew. (Overall mantap mancingnya), Thanks.”

Aldovian Agus - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Hi Mate, We are really happy with the Day and Fishing Charters Bali Crew really worked hard to get get us fish, GT was a great catch, we took one side of the fish and took it to Kendi kuning fish resturant in Seminyak. They did a great job to cook it bali style and you should hook up with them, good way for anglers who catch with your business to continue a great day having their catch cooked by this resturant. Anyway mate, thanks again Good experience for us. We go on fishing trips every year all around the world and this Fishing in Bali was a really good one. Martin ”

Martin Estep - Rhodes, NSW - Australia

“The boys enjoyed there time and thats all that matters. I haven\'t heard any complaints from them 😊 they said it was good to have great men (Fishing Charters Bali crews) on boat to help make a good day out. Also thank you for all the photos”

Jessica White - Mildura Victoria, Australia

“We had a great trip and a lot of fun. The Bali Fishing Charter crew was great to fish with. We have been on trips where we didn\'t catch a thing so we were happy with the Tuna, Green Jaw, and the Groupers. It was a great day on the water. Thanks again for a memorable trip. Gene”

Gene Goroschko - FURLONG, PA 18925 United States

“We had a great day yesterday fishing in Bali with you guys, even though the bite was not very hot when trawling. 👍thanks for a great day.”

Travis Dungey - Bayswater, Western Australia

“We had a great time today! We were very pleased with our catch with Bali fishing charter crew - so many fish, so quickly. The guides were great. Thank you so much. Thanks again on running such a well-organised business.”

Nancy Incoll - Dawes Point, NSW - Australia

“We enjoyed the trip thanks for Fishing Charters Bali crew. Was worried about the weather but it was quiet ok once we got to Nusa Lembongan and Penida island. Had some fish at least. We will go again for sure. Thanks and catch you next time!.”

David Barnes - British living in Jakarta

“Loved it and we will be back fishing in Bali again with you guys. ”

Laraine Stibbard - Helensburgh New South Wales, AUS

“It\'s a great trip! The captain and crew Fishing Charters Bali are both very switched on. It\'s really unfortunate that the weather is crap. And my father snapped one rod because of the shark haha. Thanks again for Bali Fishing Charter crew, it was great day out! ”

Khee Chia How - Toa Payoh, Singapore

“The day was perfect despite the rain. But it was also an interesting adventure. We enjoyed a lot despite the weather. We were lucky and caught a Red Snapper fishing in Bali on private charter Bali fishing boat for our family. See you next time Fishing Charters Bali crews!”

Luis Vaquer - Altafulla, Tarragona - Spain

“I had a good day even though the fish didn\'t play the game. That\'s why it\'s called \"fishing, and not \"catching\". The Fishing Charters Bali crew were great, they worked really hard to try and get us on the fish which is all I can ask for. I have a sore right arm from all the jigging and throwing poppers in Bali Fishing :) haha Better luck next time. Cheers-Cam ”

Cameron Thompson - Australia

“We did enjoy Bali fishing charter, sharing boat, thanks and we will do it again on our next trip. I take my fish to my hotel restaurant and they fillet and make very nice Bali rice with spice, grilled and some fried fish yummy. I give them my shark they are very happy. The barter was my best part of the day. ”

Americo Madrugo - Australia

“Thank you for fabulous day! From pick up to drop off, these guys were prompt, professional and flexible. The water was a bit rough, but my crew was great and we pulled in 3 beautiful fish, drank a lot of beers and got a nice sunburn. Perfect day. I would definitely recommend Fishing Charters Bali for your fishing trip in Bali. Thanks again guys!”

Cierra Warner - United States (USA)

“Everything went well, the trip was great even no fish. We were enjoy so much. The crew was great.”

Dmitry Family & Guide Wayan - Rusia

“We had a great day out fishing in Bali, and Marco was very happy about his birthday gift! Private charter boat in Bali. The Fishing Charters Bali crew took very good care of us, and we had everything that we wanted! We didn\'t have much luck with the fish, but that\'s okay, because the trip was still amazing. And thanks for arranging the birthday cake :). Best - Julie”

Julie-Sofie Hemdorff - Bethnal Green Rd, London - England

“We had fun, thanks for Fishing Charters Bali crews ..”

Dom Chavez - United States (USA)

“That day was not very lucky but we had fun, thanks for Bali Fishing Charter crews.”

Chin Seong Way - Chaoyang District, Beijing - China

“It was great day out! And the Snapper was tasty. I hope to do it again some time.”

Kevin Van - Silver Spring, MD - United States

“All good. Had a ball :) :) with Fishing Charters Bali crews. Great day out. Rough day at first but still got fish. #BaliFishingCharter”

Denys Partington - Australia

“The crew was fantastic, they were so nice, funny and spoke great English! Yea it was very rough, but you can\'t change the weather. Well, I had a great time 🐟! Thank you”

Cierra Warner - Santa Rosa, CA - United States

“We had a good time. Cooked the GT for dinner which was great! Service was great. They did their best to make sure we had a good time and brought us to some beautiful places. We had a nice time though, thank you.”

Tom Mak - Australia - Expat in Bali

“We had lovely trip, Tommy the captain on our boat did a good job and the Bucks wedding cake was very delicious. Enough Bintang beers for everyone while we were floating around our life vest :) Thanks - ANdries”

Andries Van De Val - Hollands

“had a great day fishing thanks guys, nice boat, great crew already planning next years trip!”

Derek Latter - Perth - West Australia

“Aloha! We had a great time even with no big fish! Thank you for accomodating just the two of us and for letting us have the snapper for lunch!”

Jomarie Novelli - Hawaii

“Very satisfied with your service. On time and friendly crews. Thanks. Hi Puas banget sama pelayanan Anda. Tepat waktu dan ramah. Thanks ya. ”

Chris Wianto - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Had a good time and look forward to another trip on Thursday. Starting even earlier. Should be good. The boys did good. Thanks-Alan”

Alan Barkdull - Freeport Indonesia, Papua

“Lunch is served. Thank you!”

Kevin Pham - New South Wales, Australia

“It was awesome day out & strike. My husband said probably it will even better if he would start fishing earlier. Asyik banget strike nya. Kata suami saya klo berangkat lebih pagi lebih okay banget.”

Chris Wianto - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thanks for taking good care of us.”

Mille Yim - Singapore

“Everything was good. If all of us could handle waves we would definitely catch something :) and yes we did see Manta Ray around. ”

Anya Drozdova - Rusia

“Great day - thank you and the crew.”

Victoria Tydeman - London, United Kingdom

“\"Awesome Trip\" Had an amazing day out fishing in bali!! Experienced catching good game fish!! Ty for a great day, the crew were fantastic!! Very much recommend these guys”

Steven Nelson - Victoria, Australia

“Great Day Great Crew Will be back again for sure. Thanks guys!!!”

Marcus Ward - Australia

“Brilliant day boys, had the best time. Thank you for putting us on the fish... Dale and Jenny”

Dale Chadwick - Sydney, New South Wales

“A catch would have been nice but nothing you can do to get it 100%. We enjoyed the trip anyway, thanks.”

Sebastian Kraft - Boblingen, Germany

“Thanks for arranging the trip. All of us had a good time.”

Urs Klee - Switzerland

“Thanks for a wonderful day. The fishing was tough. We only had one strike, but it was a beauty!! We managed to land a beautiful GT, which was the fish I was hoping for..the crew knew exactly what to do and we were all very exicted when we landed the fish. Following the fishing we went snorkeling in crystal bay which was magnificent. For lunch we went to an island and cooked the fish. Wow....what a great day....thanks and regards Anthony, Liam & Ethan ”

Anthony Parker - Victoria, Australia

“This company is very easy to deal with, communication is key when arrange a trip from overseas, but the team at Fishing Charters Bali made the whole process smooth and simple with constant updates and follow ups. The crew I had were bloody brilliant! I will definitely be arranging another 8hr trip to chase the wahoo next time round! Thank you guys for making the trip a memorable one! Cheers from the boys from down under!”

Kevin Pham - CANTERBURY, NSW - Australia

“Even so we didn\'t catch any of the fish what we were after I still had a blast. A great Captain and his mate was great as well! I know how it is.”

Jason Karber - USA

“Had a nice day on the water with the crews, good captain. Thanks to organising trip for me.”

Folco Faber - Virginia, South Australia

“I really enjoyed the trip and at least we cought some fish! The 2 guides did a very good job, please send them greetings! Unfortunately my girlfriend got seasick and couldnt enjoy the trip at all, but for myself I can say that it was a great experience and its highly recommendable to go on a trip with you guys. Thank you for the pictures and the video and best greetings, Frido Thorz”

Fridolin Thorz - Germany

“Great day out fishing... Thank you guys... Well organized, well equipped, and a lot of fun... See you next time I\'m in Bali”

Ashraf Samawi - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“I do a lot of fishing in Australia - sometimes you strike a lot, sometimes you strike none! Fishing is like gambling! It is ok, we still had a great time. When I come back next year, I will contact you to go fishing again. Take care, and thank you again.”

Larry Macri - Adelaide, South Australia

“We had the best day out! We were lucky and got big fish! Couldn\'t have asked for better weather, crew or scenery Mick had a great day for his birthday and was so happy about his surprise trip to Bali With a charter boat.”

Sonja Eelman - Walkerston, Queensland (QLD)

“I am Happy and always be. My main goal today was to give the experience to my friend Made and that came out 100% success. I will repeat fishing next time, and then we bring the big fish home. ”

HappyTom - Norway

“We had an amazing trip today. Fishing, manta rays, snorkeling, and cook. All was good .. except the sickness. But you can\'t choice the weather ! Many thanks for photos.”

Pierre Coulot - Verargues, France

“Seru hari ini mancingnya walaupun gak ngomset, tapi trollingan di hajar juga. Lagi strike tongkol, tongkolnya dihajar barracuda, dapat kerapu juga dasaran dan keburu masuk perut buat lunch. We had really fun day fishing trip, we didn\'t catch our target fish but we caught big Barracuda & Tuna by trolling also plenty small fish by fishing bottom we cooked it for lunch in the island.”

Noah Mawardi - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Had a great time .. Thanks for the great service.”

Fred David - UK

“All good! There was plenty of action. Happy to land a couple right at the end. And having them both hit at once was pretty exciting. All in all it was as a great morning! We will book with you guys again. Cheers-James”

James Johnson - Northcote, VIC - Australia

“The sea was rough! But we enjoyed very much! Catch 2 fishes! The crew is very nice! Great service. We have great time. Big thanks to the team! ;)”

Joe Szabo - USA

“It was great fun mate! We give good feedback.”

Jack McMahon - Victoria, Australia

“Had a very nice trip. Appreciate the effort from you guys, glad to get few fish, although no GT! But I understand, not a lucky day. But thanks again, really enjoyed.”

Mark Durcan - Hong Kong

“Thanks you for a great day today my self and boys and a wicked time.”

Shannon White - Frankston South, Victoria Australia

“We had a ripper a day, stoked on the barracuda! A big thanks to Bali fishing charters, they were quick to reply when organising, picked us up from accomodation and the boat was in top notch condition. The 3 lads were a great team and we couldn\'t rate them enough. If you wanna fish, fish with these blokes.”

Daniel Jeffery & Cassie Arcidiacono - Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

“Thanks for a great day out. The kids had a great time, lots of fish and great staff to help. We will be eating our catch in our hotel this evening. Cheers.”

Corey Salsberg - Swiszerland

“I did hook up on some big fish but got off hook. Thats fishing, some days you catch them some you don\'t. The guys were great and helped me to bring some tuna in. Definitely when back and my girl is bigger, we go on the day trip to the island.”

Adrian Simmons - South Australia

“Good day, good crew, strike fish not what we wanted but a good fish anyway, looking forward to the next the 3rd next trip.”

Bill Bartley - Queensland

“Thanks for a great day. Jeff, the guy who caught the big fish!”

Jeffrey Palmer - Queensland

“Thanks guys! I had very excited day.”

Takahiro Kurebayashi - Japan

“I highly recommend the Fishing Charters Bali crew. They had plenty of drinks and snacks on the boat. They were very good and did their best to get us to catch fish & we did. We liked the whole experience including the snorkelling and bringing the wahoo to a local restaurant to have the fish cooked fresh.”

Paul Denomme - USA

“From all of us, thank you for the whole day out. Even know the fish weren\'t biting we still had a blast. Thank you for also organising the snorkelling gear so that we could go diving. We will be recommending you guys in the future. Nice Cold Bintang as well. ”

Tama Jamieson - Australia

“The trip was amazing and definitely the highlight of our Bali trip. Some of the best scenery I\'ve ever seen! The boat was perfect as were the staff. Plenty of drinks and nibbles. We will back soon for sure!!! We enjoyed very much. We think it was the best part of our whole holiday! Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.”

Jason Wheeler - Western Australia

“My husband and I went to Bali as honeymoon. We had a great time on the boat! Fishing, island hopping, snorkelling, and eat the fresh catch for lunch! The crews are so friendly, helpful, very flexible. Again thank you so much for the fun time!”

Will & Sayaka Suzuki - Tokyo - Japan

“We are really enjoy having a trip with u guys. The crews are friendly. We hope to see u again, not only at fishing trip, but also in other water activities. Thank you..”

William Kwek - Singapore

“Thanks heaps. We had a fantastic time and the guys were great. Next time maybe we strike a big one! Cheers”

Darren Brekan - Sydney, Australia

“We had a good time, kids were happy catching Bonito, we missed 1 or 2 big fish, staff were very nice and tried hard to get the big fish, thanks. We ate them for lunch, very nice!! Cheers-Joe”

Joe Cerullo - Australia

“Your service is so very much appreciated and highly professional. Thank you again. Mel”

Mel Templeton - Australia

“Had a great day fishing thanks guys, nice boat, great crew already planning next years trip !”

Derek Latter - Perth - West Australia

“We enjoyed the trip, nice boat and we caught big fish Barracuda, Tuna & GT. All are happy ... cheers.”

Marcus Ward - Australia

“Thanks for a great day out in a beautiful well kept boat. The crew were experienced and friendly. We had great weather and a decent catch of fish which made the day for my son and I. Great memories! ”

Jo Thomas - Maroubra, NSW - Australia

“Hi Tin!! We had an awesome time and were so chuffed that we all caught!! The boat and crew were top class!!i will write up a review when I return to London in a few days All in all money very well spent and an experience that will stay with us both for a long time!! Cheers tin!”

Gary Kellet - London - UK

“The boys enjoyed the trip. They said the staff were lovely. They liked the snorkelling and overall had a great day.”

Emma Leach - Australia

“Great day out on the water with Fishing Charters Bali team. We were able to both troll for Tuna/ Wahoo and jig for Amberjack. After morning a 15lb Tuna in the morning, we snagged a 40lb Amberjack in the afternoon. The crew was mind enough to filet our fish for us and we ate it for dinner that night. We also enjoyed some secluded coral snorkelling in between fishing. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to coming back soon!”

Sean & Friends - San Fransisco

“I just want to thank you guys for great day yesterday .. the water was rough with a big swell and we still caught awesome GT\'s and had an incredible day .. The crew were professional and also fun guys .. thanks a lot .. we will be repeat customers. Chris-DirectSeaFoodAsia”

John & Chris Peterson - HongKong

“Awesome trip with these guys. Didn\'t strike what we were after, but it\'s called fishing after all! Grilled Bonito right on the beach for with rice, veggies, and fries. Washed it down with lots of Bintang!”

Cody Fulford - United Kingdom

“Hi mate Yeah we didn\'t catch many fis but it was still a great day. Everyone loved it, the boat was great, snorkelling was fun, and your two guys were fantastic. Thanks fir the experience. Jack”

Jack Nuttall - USA

“Great day out both crews worked hard to find fish total of three strikes with one landed. Overall an excellent experience and would recommend. Thanks guys - Tim.”

Tim Wilkinson - Dunfermline, Fife - UK

“All the groups love it! Thank you very much.”

Bruno - France

“Hi mate we had a great time with you guys and could not ask for any better We even caught our target species GT\'s Fantastic day out, the tackle was great as well as the boat and food and drinks. But most of all thank you to you two guys well done, tight lines. Regards E.T.”

Elwyn Turner & Bernard Farrell - Australia

“Thanks for an awesome time!!!!!”

Michael Cato - USA

“All good mate, some days you catch and some days you catch nothing haha Cheers”

Shaun Dionysius - Australia

“I enjoyed my trip, the crew was great! Got us onto a couple fish. I'll be back to fish with you guys next time I'm back!”

Jay Thorpe - Australia

“Awesome day with great people. Enough beers... So much fun and loved snorkeling too.”

Fran Baldwin - Australia

“Had a great day with the crew. Thx heaps will definitely be back on board. Yew!”

Wes Polson - Australia

“We had enjoyed our first trip fishing at Bali. We will come back again together with our family members. It's a pleasure to have a great fishing experience here.”

Rizal - Singapore

“Very good! And was a great day! The staff were amazing always helping out when we needed help and also giving us tips! Was a very good day! The boat crew and driver were amazing, and very good service.”

Sebastian Huon - Australia

“Great day though the fish weren't biting. Staff were very friendly. Especially fond of tour operator. Enjoyed the many beers. I'll be back and never will ever fish with other charter operator in Bali.”

Ian Sims - Brisbane, Australia

“I had a lot of fun it was a good day out. I just caught 1 smallish GT but the guys did they're best to put us on the fish. I really want to get one of ruby snapper! We caught 1, it was an awesome fish.”

Simon Ormerod - Australia

“The fishing trip with you was really cool! Thanks so much again.”

Juliette Ivanoff - Switzerland

“Thank you so much. The guest had an amazing experience and I will sure to contact you for any future clients.”

Rebecca Stanbury - Elite Havens

“We didn't get the target fish we were after, but we got a few bottom fish. I go fishing for the view, company and stress release. It's fishing, not catching. Some days are great, some not so. Real fishermen understand. We had a great day with you, and our guides told us a lot about local fish, boats and the surrounding islands. Great day and plenty of Bintang!”

Nicholas Brunyee - Victoria, Australia

“Great day out, great guides and well looked after. Would highly recommend these guys. Will be back early next year, Tight Lines.”

Simon Daines - Lewisham, UK

“Big thank you to Fishing Charters Bali for a great morning on the boat with a 2hr trip we managed a big amberjack in the first hour. So much fun. See you next year for GT fishing!”

Karl Nicholls - Melbourne, Australia

“20 kg GT & Barracuda! Thanks you all, very good crew. Beautiful Place. Bali is wonderful.”

Eduardo Pelegrini - Brazil

“Yeah had a good day, maybe next time I'll bring my own gear so I can try different type of fishing like popping and bait fishing instead of just jigging.”

Dean Woolstoon - Australia

“Fishing was still great, thank you although I couldn't fish as I was very sea sick but my husband enjoyed it.”

Aimee Braganza - Australia

“Great day out. From the time they pick you up from your hotel, provide lunch and Bintang to quench your thirst to when they drop you back to your hotel. Thanks again to the crew who were great ensuring your day out on the water was a memorable one. Terima kasih banyak.”

Gavin Daniel - Greenwood, Perth, WA

“Thank you so much for taking me fishing today, it was nice to be around people that genuinely love fishing although I cut the charter short due to my partner not feeling well. I still had a great time, I will definitely use your company again in the future and recommend you to my friends in Australia. Thanks.”

Ben Lucas - Australia

“We went fishing with these guys twice while in Bali. The boat, the gear, and especially the crew are all excellent. They know where the fish are and how to catch them. Easy pick up and drop off to and from our villa. Keep on fishing guys, I will see you again when I'm back in Bali.”

Michael Reeves - Australia

“I had an enjoyable day fishing with these guys. Even though we didn't catch any big ones, we got fish and some poor people in the local village were very happy to get some fresh fish to eat. I would recommend this operation to anyone. The guys on the boat know their stuff. Sensible boat handling skills, and they put the customer first.”

Bob Law - Perth, WA, Australia

“I've tried to find a good fishing guide, and I finally found one of the best who can guide and teach you different techniques for fishing in Bali. Thanks, my son very happy too. See you soon!”

Franklin Darmadi - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Just want to say thank you to all the boys at Fishing Charters Bali, if anyone wants a great day out fishing these are the boys to see professional jiggers and bloody funny guys. Please do your self a favour if you love fishing, lunch Bintang and soft drinks all included, cheers boys great job!”

Damo Burton - Perth, WA, Australia

“Mate, Great day out!!! Your driver was on time to pick us up, the boat was ready to go and you gave us a nice breakfast. With regards to the fishing you guys gave 100% all day!!! If I am ever back in Bali I will book another days fishing with you. You cant catch every time. Thanks for a great day.”

Ben Price - UK

“Thanks for organising a great day for us. We had a fantastic time and the crew were excellent.”

Rob Mason - Australia

“This would have to be the best fish I have caught! thanx Fishing Charters Bali we will back for more.”

Will Walker - Australia

“We all enjoyed our trip. It was great, we got a big snapper and a nice GT. The crew was great and very friendly, we will defiantly be booking again! We will do a full day next time. Thanks again buddy yeiw!”

Daniel Coves - Sydney, NSW, Australia

“+1 excellent charter, great bunch of dudes, a delicious fish!!”

Aaron Ferro - Australia

“Thanks for a great day guys. Will recommend to anyone to u guys!”

Brenton Jones - Melbourne, Australia

“Thanks again for the short notice charter. Yes, your team were in time and made every effort to catch fish. One better than none. The current seems to be a serious problem for the deep sea jigging.”

Barry Yen - Hongkong

“Fishing trip was awesome!”

Peggy Woo - Australia

“I was in Bali for a month from Mid-Oct - Nov, and as a keen fisherman I wanted to get out on the water and catch some fish. I looked on trip advisor and got many mixed reviews of different charter companies which made the decision a hard one. I ended up going out 3 times with this company FishingChartersBali. I have been on charters before in Bali and I found the service of this company much better than previous experiences. We went out on the 3 different boats the company owns, all were very nice, modern and comfortable for days fishing.”

Riley Norrish - Adelaide, Australia

“Thank you for having us! It was a great day and Aaron's so happy about his catch haha. We are having it for dinner.”

Evie McGauley - Australia

“It was good fun even only one fish, big snapper tho. Thank you.”

Matt Lee - Sydney, NSW, Australia

“The boys had a great day”

Narelle Moyle family - Australia

“Very good crew and nice boat, even no fish but it's great product you have.”

Frieder - Germany

“Best fishing charter trip ever! Caught so many fish, thanks to the awesome crew! Will be back again always.”

Nathan Penrose - WA, Australia

“The boat and fishing gear were all very good quality. Our guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about jigging. The beers were cold, and we caught some nice fish! A good day all round.”

Tim Malseed - Australia

“Today had great day, back in January and will contact you, and I will tell all my mates to use you. Excellent day, thank you, highly recommend!”

Michael Borg - Perth, WA, Australia

“Thanks for an excellent day on the water! A great company to deal with, very honest and reliable, and the crew worked really hard to get us hooked up to some big fish! Will book in again on our next trip to Bali.”

Andrew Irving & DJ - Rockhampton, QLD, Australia

“The trip today and the crew was great, finally caught a real fish hehehe. Thanks for the trip its been great.”

Joachim Martinsen - Norwegia

“Fantastic crew, fantastic boat and fantastic experience topped off by an awesome Amberjack! Will definately recommend to friends and family.”

David Delvin - Australia

“Thanks very much, our Russian guests were very happy caught big fish!”

Iwan - Manager Villa Sayang d'Amour

“Fantastic, we caught big snapper and 3 GT, cheers.”

Aaron Young - Australia